Substance Abuse Awareness

Education and Training Packages

An informed and aware workforce is a workforce better equipped and ready to make decisions consistent with organisational behavioural and performance expectations of its staff. We treat your organisational requirements as unique, our presentation formats can be tailored to specific business needs and support organisational change in the area of alcohol and drug management, and enhance the knowledge base of staff regarding workplace and community alcohol and drug issues and impacts.

Looking out for you and your Mate

This is a one hour substance abuse awareness program. It guides the participants to self-examine their alcohol or drug use through activities that are non-threatening and engaging (they won't be bored). It provides agency information and pathways to help.

Further, it builds workplace community and understanding around alcohol and drug issues on site rather than mistrust, secretiveness, 'us' and 'them' type attitudes. It achieves this through creating empathy for a work mate or family member struggling with addiction whilst at the same time challenges misguided beliefs of mate ship around alcohol and drug abuse and dependence.

Importantly, it firms up the employers duty of care responsibilities for all its employee's under current OH&S legislation, and supports your organisations strategies for the reduction of absenteeism, accidents and poor work performance.

Advanced Drug and Alcohol training

This substance abuse awareness training is designed to meet the needs of key frontline staff such as Safety officers, HR Personnel, Safety reps Union delegates etc. Participants are provided with extra knowledge above that of the average employee which keeps your organisation abreast of current Alcohol and Drug issues that can impact upon your workplace and the individuals who work there.

This program is delivered utilising training methods based on Adult learning principles to a High standard of Program Facilitation by Experienced Drug and Alcohol counsellors. Includes ongoing mentoring support for participants, Agency Information, Site Posters, and Information Packs.

Apprentices, Trainees and Young workers

Question: What kind of messages would your younger workers new to working life pick up from your workplace environment and its employees?

This three hour program ensures engagement with participants by working together in small and large group activities. It prepares them for interactions with other workers around substance abuse issues. The harms associated with legal/ illegal and party drugs, safe drinking levels, Blood alcohol count and drink driving, personal examination of and the weighing up of the costs and benefits of alcohol and drug use are some of the many topics covered in this presentation.